JustSeen Turns Images Into Visual Stories

Easily the most famous appraisal of a picture’s value is the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” We might ask though, What words? To whom do the words belong?


The real story behind a picture is what counts, and is certainly more valuable to the people involved in the story than, say, a thousand words from a stranger… And now there’s a way to better appreciate a picture’s full worth.


JustSeen is a photo sharing app that combines these qualities – collaborative, curated, and connected – into what the startup calls “Visual Storytelling… Together.”




With JustSeen, a picture is just the beginning. Users create an album in app, or rich visual story using photos and videos, then invite friends to join in the telling – commenting, sharing, adding pictures, etc. People collaborate to gather and share their visual experiences.


In the case of an big event like a wedding, JustSeen gives attendees a way to capture the occasion in its entirety. Instead of everyone taking their own photos, posting them in private feeds, and limiting the story to a few private moments, everyone pitches in to re-celebrate the event in its full glory.


“Stories” created in JustSeen can be shared on all the popular social networks, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, among others. Users have the option of doing so publicly or privately. In other words, JustSeen connects people through stories shared in app and through social media.




Similar to Pinterest, JustSeen hosts curated collections of visual stories. Step back to put the app into wide focus, in fact, and you can see how it seamlessly blends components of some of our favorite apps – the photo sharing of Instagram, individual and group communication of WhatsApp, and the curated content sharing of Pinterest.


The familiar nature of JustSeen bodes well for its future. With all the photo sharing apps available, being able to do more of what you already love doing more easily, efficiently, and compellingly is genuinely enticing.


Tired of your pictures capturing moments that soon vanish into the seas of photos and social media? Ready to create and share unforgettable stories with your pictures and videos? Download JustSeen on the AppStore or learn more about the app at justseen.com.


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