JustAddMe.com – Make More Friends


JustAddMe.comYou’re a blogger who wants a way to let readers easily add you to their social networks, be it flickr, Facebook, Ning, or Digg, but you haven’t found an easy way to do it. JustAddMe’s Darren Stuart has got it figured out.

Stuart created JustAddMe as a widget created for just that purpose. Its design and inner workings are rather simple, but slick. Simply embed the JustAddMe widget to your blog or website. Add the info you want to share such as your flickr name, your twitter user name etc. People can then click on it to add you to their social network of choice. Everybody wants to be well-friended with plenty of connections. JustAddMe allows users to streamline the process. The best part? You don’t pay a thing.

JustAddMe.com In Their Own Words

“It’s a widget you embed in your blog or website that allows people to add you on social sites.”

Why JustAddMe.com It Might Be A Killer

JustAddMe is a simple tool. It makes it easier for bloggers to connect with their readers and vice versa. It comes in widget form, so there’s no need to struggle with technicalities.

Some Questions About JustAddMe.com

Is JustAddMe a tool for the masses? Will they make good use of it? Or will they stick the usual social networking means? JustAddMe.com