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Juiceapp.comDeveloped by Linkool Labs, Juice is an intelligent discovery engine that has just been launched. This engine enables you to highlight a portion of text and process it in order to produce a set of content recommendations.


The Juice engine comprises a natural language processing system with a dictionary that connects keywords with the corresponding (and richest) content that can be found on the web, based on the information you drag and drop.

Moreover, the content that is discovered for you and put forward by Juice can easily be organized and categorized for browsing convenience. For instance, when a video is recommended you can simply add it to our video playlist and watch it afterwards. The same applies to any picture you come across – you can save it for ulterior viewing in a straightforward manner.

The supported browsers so far include only Firefox 3.0. It will be interesting to see if other browsers are taken into account as the project evolves. For the time being, Firefox users can check Juice out at and start discovering new content on the web right away. In Their Own Words

“Linkool Labs is a Beijing-based software research and development house. Our first product, Juice, is an on-demand web service built on top of our patent-pending intelligent discovery engine that discovers rich and contextually relevant information for web users.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for finding relevant content in a simple and streamlined fashion.

Some Questions About

Are other web browsers going to be supported in future updates?

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