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JSCharts.comA nice way to get your ideas across is adding a chart to your site. JS Charts is a chart generator that is completely free, and that requires no programming proficiency on your part whatsoever.


Whether you are looking to add bar or pie charts, or simpler designs such as line graphs, the site will enable you to do so. It includes a browser-based editor that lets you export them and upload the source to your server, or use the embeddable code for those that want the charts to be hosted by the company.

Compatibility considerations are also dealt with on the main page, and (in principle) all major browsers when it comes to Windows and Mac alike are taken into consideration. I wonder whether or not Linux support is forthcoming. If not, that would be a nice addition to the project.

In final place, the site includes links to other components that have been created by the programmer. These include a video player, a flash map and a player named JC Play list for the visual representation of multimedia lists. In Their Own Words

“Whether you own a website, blog or web application, with JS charts is now much easier to make your point!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a free solution that does what it sets out to do in a timely manner.

Some Questions About

Will Linux be supported in the foreseeable future?

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