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Jombl.comSimply put, Jombl is s job board for stay at home moms. If you’re one, this site will let you turn your free time into something that will not only make you feel productive, but that will also let you earn an income. We’re talking about jobs such as system administrators, article writers and bloggers. These are all listed and categorized, and once you’ve signed up for an account you can apply for as many open positions as you want.

Each and every job that is listed comes exactly with the very same information. This includes the date the job itself was posted, the person/organization that posted it, and the job’s category. Six are available: “Freelance”, “Part-time”, “Full-time”, “Internship”, “Temporary” and “Volunteer”.

The job category is actually one of four filters that you can apply when searching for open positions. The other three filters include “By salary”, “By type” and “By date posted”.

And if you really take a liking to the site, then you can subscribe to it and start getting job alerts straight in your inbox. What better way to ensure you’ll never miss a suitable opening? After all, if you’re a stay at home mom you have a lot to look after. You just can’t keep on checking the site all around the clock to see what’s been posted in the last couple of hours. In Their Own Words

The job board for stay at home moms.

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How many moms have already found a job through the site? How much are they earning on average?