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JoinUniverse.comJoinUniverse is a new website that will assist any person who is thinking about taking a break by showing him the finest spots that can be visited the world over, all using a very neat interface that complements the actual design of the site splendidly. Destinations from pole to pole are already supported, and people can learn about the best spots to stay at in the five continents already. And this database is constantly expanding, what with new destinations being added to it almost day by day. These are obviously highlighted on the front page for people who visit the site regularly to know about them the minute they have been added.

And this travel network not only provides tourists with information on where to go, it also gives them a chance to find accommodation at all of the featured destinations, at prices they are surely going to deem as affordable. So, it can effectively be said that JoinUniverse is a site which covers the whole process in which a travel of any kind is planned and executed. In Their Own Words

Travel multimedia solutions.

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It is an instant way to find great places to holiday at all over the world.

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What else can you do through the site? What is meant to be added soon?