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Jog.fmFinding the right music for jogging is what this service is all about. This site is bound to provide you with enough tunes to keep on running from dawn till dusk if that is what you feel like doing (and if your body can keep it up, obviously).

On you can download whole playlists that have been created by people who love running, and these playlists can be searched according to your kilometer time. And if you have the time to browse through the database manually, you will be able to download songs based on their popularity, and assemble a list of your very own.

And this service is also provided to people who are keen on walking and cycling. The site works in exactly the same way – you specify your kilometer time for a suitable set of songs to be produced.

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<br />In all cases, we are talking about a service that is provided at no cost, and that can be used by anybody, without the need to register first. In Their Own Words helps you find the perfect music for your run.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a proven fact that listening to music while exercising more than doubles your motivation.

Some Questions About

Will music for other activities be added later on?

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