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JobSlackersOnline.comThose who are tired of asking just everybody the fateful question “Hey, do you know who is hiring right now?” are well-advised to give this networking site a good try. Job Slackers Online is a new resource that aims to bring some fun (or at least some flexibility) into the process of looking for a job online.


People who join can both post and apply for jobs, and the whole system revolves around the accrual of “slack points”. These are accumulated by uploading content to the site such as photos and MP3s, and also by befriending others and posting new job positions. The idea is that the more that you socialize then the better-ranked you will become, and the more findable that you will be.

Something really good about the whole site is that since jobs are posted by individuals there is no overlapping or outdated ads to talk about. That is, on the site you won’t come across online postings that have never been deleted by companies. This gives everything a certainly fresher outlook, and it goes some way into ensuring that the experience users will have is going to be far more relevant than the one provided by jobs boards and related sites. In Their Own Words

“JobSlackersOnline is the first social networking website dedicated to those hard workers who only needs a small amount of time to do a full days work. Each member will be assigned a cubicle and JSO Slack points is the name of the game. The more Slack points you earn the faster you will be recognized by Management and move up the JSO corporate ladder.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site puts a big social stamp on a process that can be too cold and disconnected otherwise.

Some Questions About

What changes will be made before the site sheds its “beta” label?

Author : Roger Hollings

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