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Experienced and young truck drivers who are looking for a job, this website is for you. Focused on heavy-weight vehicles, is aimed at employment-seekers and employers throughout the US, and it provides listings for truck drivers only. Which is really good in the sense that there’s less filtering to do – if you’re a trucker, only jobs that are directly connected with what you do will crop up. You’ll just have to pick the area where you live, and all the available positions will be laid out on a map for you. And you can then filter jobs by company and by salary range.


In order to apply or reply to any listing, you must sign up for an account first. That costs nothing, and once you’re a registered member of you’ll be able to get in touch with as many employers as you want. This is the form you’ll have to fill in:

Keep in mind, though, that is different to other sites that allow you to upload your resume to your profile. Jobs In Trucks works as a text-only platform, which means you will have to type all your personal data, and paste your resume. This can be rather tiring if you are conducting a large-scale search for a new job, but from the point of view of the employer it makes for much faster browsing through candidates, so I guess it all evens out in the end.

Author : Steve Dixon

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