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Jobsinthemoney.comWhether you are looking into starting, reshaping or continuing a career for areas of finance, accounting or banking in the US, then is the right kind of site for you.

The idea behind the site is as simple as they get: put in one site all the career opportunities for the same area (finance, that is), and let everybody know that’s where they’ll get exactly what they want, and where they’ll get the best attention from the employers they are actually interested in working for. At the site you can take a look at the regular customers, and start dreaming of that corner office, but before you dream away, take a look at the ‘news and advice’ section, where you can find articles such as what to wear when showing up at an interview to take a job as an accountant in California, where everybody wears casual, especially accountants, and other life-savers. In order to use the services at (a Dice Holdings company) you have to register as a member and then type or upload your resume, all of it for free.