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Joblogs.ccJoblogs is an online project management tool. It helps managers to supervise the entire work process through improving communication between organization members, and synching the effort among team members, in particular when working on more than one project.


All relevant records are kept in one centralized place, and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Joblogs is different from other project management tools in that it has a customizable control panel feature which allows users to simply drag and drop to alter the look of each and every form, and to organize and the information exactly how it makes sense to each user. In Their Own Words

“Joblogs is a control management workgroup application tailored to work out universal projects challenges (contacts, plans, activities, schedules), organize them in no time, track them during the work flow and share everything with the whole team.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Joblogs is a project management tool with many unique features. However, although it is customizable, so are many other similar tools. Joblogs may wish to further explore developing different features.

Some Questions About

What additional features can be added to differentiate this tool? How can the information be organized so that benefits are easily and quickly understood? Can this system be synched with other project management tools?

Author : Bill Webb

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