– Helping You With The Job Hunt gives a turn to usual job seeking websites, by partnering with local radio stations to promote their webpages. In truth, redirects you to the site, which explains thoroughly how they work. What these guys do is create job seeking websites which have a local aim. They work then with radio stations to broadcast the ads for these sites, based on the idea that most job searches are locally aimed.

In this way, when job seekers and companies who want to hire new staff hear those advertisements, they will turn to the sites from RegionalHelpWanted. The advantage of posting job searches in this portal is the local touch of them more than anything. On the other hand, why would a radio station agree to air the ads produced by This answer is really a simple one. They will get 70% of the earnings of the websites, giving them a great chance to increase their regular income.

The originality of RegionalHelpWanted is that it combines new media with old one, making them both benefit from one another. Radio Stations are facing a huge challenge to keep their business profitable because of the competition brought by internet. A website, in turn, can benefit from local advertising too, to get more visits from the local audience it wants to reach.

Radio stations are paid quarterly, so there are no long waits to have the money in their hands. RegionalHelpWanted doesn’t ignore that there are larger job boards everywhere on the interent, of which or are maybe the clearest examples. However, job seekers in this large websites can get a bit lost among the hundreds of publications, which can maybe oversee more local or regional opportunities. In Their Own Words

We harness the power of Radio and other broadcast media and turn unsold inventory into a brand that is recognized and respected within the market, while generating new revenue from Recruitment Advertising—A revenue stream that’s difficult, if not impossible, for broadcasters to tap into.

Why It Might Be A Killer

These guys have thought out a way to earn more revenues than those obtained from regular activity for radio stations. And by doing so they manage to benefit employers and future employees.

Some Questions About

Will they expand their activity to other countries or will they stay with Canada and the US only?