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Sites like this one are what we need at a time in which the economy is in shambles, and everybody is trying to find some solid ground beneath his feet. JobisJob is a simple search engine for jobs that covers the US from coast to coast, and that can be used absolutely for free. lets you find jobs both by category, and by location. You can readily choose from 25 different categories, and these include “Accounting”, “Administration”, “Healthcare”, “Finance”, “Education” and “Manufacturing”. And every city in the US is covered. You can give JobisJob your ZIP code, or type the name of the State/City you live in directly for your search to be focused there.

Regardless of how you choose to search the site, the results will always be displayed on an interactive map of the US. You’ll be able to see similar jobs that are available close to where you live at a glance, and put your searches in a wholly different context.

It’s interesting to mention that on you can search both for full-time and part-time positions, and that lots of work-at-home jobs are available if that’s what you’re looking for.

And just to make everything flow along more smoothly, the site features the most searched jobs at the bottom of the homepage. And this list changes according to which State you choose to focus your search on, too.

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