– The Realtime Hiring Platform

Jobirn.comAfter watching the rather clever introduction animation for online job referral site Jobirn, you’ll notice that this site focuses on the details. It’s got 2.

0 written all over it, with features like instant messaging, video interviews, and referral rewards. Jobirn gives you real time results. Hiring managers get recs from employees within the company; they can then communicate immediately with applicants via IM and video. The interface is intuitive with click up menus and no page loading. Both applicants and HR get their own management space, to organize applications and responses. The site itself can be divided into six sectional views: company, referrer/HM, recruiter, applicant, job and alumni (this last section lists colleges and universities along with the number of graduated applicants and referrers). Within each view there are at a glance details about jobs, their locations as well as applicants and their background/degree. There’s a strict spam control program in place to prevent unwanted messages. The site is free for applicants and recruiters. In Their Own Words

“Jobirn is referral network that connects applicants with employees inside the company where they would like to work. Jobirn makes connecting easy through features available inside the website such as video conferencing, chat and thousands of jobs. Our site helps job seekers get a referral to their ideal job, and company insiders find the right candidate. If you are a hiring manager or a recruiter, Jobirn is also a free recruitment platform.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Jobirn has a slick and modern interface. It’s an innovative concept—a real time hiring platform. Usually, email proves ineffective—there are delays and a general lack of interaction; Jobirn resolves that with simple tools like IM and video interviews. As recruiters are online most of the time, this works well, as they simply integrate Jobirn with their IM client, thus getting updates without having to log in directly to the site.

Some Questions About

Will this real time concept work? Often recruiters don’t have the time to respond immediately and they can’t field all IM messages. How will the site market itself to applicants and hirers?