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JobGraphs.comQuite an interesting site for software professionals, JobGraphs provides graphical analytical interpretation of the various job trends in the industry. For example using the site it is very easy to figure out which roles are in more demand, how many openings there are in other countries, and also how much people are earning over there.

Also, you can employ the site in order to compare your technology with that of the competition and realize whether your city is on the IT map or if it is eclipsed by absolutely everybody.

The database is browseable both by category and by search string. I think that the search mechanism could use an overhaul and include at least a couple of labels for refining everything, and I also think that the list of categories could be more friendly. As it stands right now, if a person who is not really well-versed on IT looks at it he will be a bit at sea. And while I know that the site is aimed at people who are part of the industry, an effort could be made to make it more understandable to average users who are just looking for statistical data. In Their Own Words

“Job Graphs provides graphical analytical interpretation of various job trends in Information Technology/Software industry”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Any IT industry professional will be able to know exactly where he stands in worldwide terms through such a resource.

Some Questions About

Where is the information exactly culled from?