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JobeeHive.comAs the title of this review puts it, JobeeHive is a network that aims to let anybody make better-informed career decisions. To this end, the site collects together company reviews and advice submitted by actual employees.


Moreover, the site has a full section which is devoted to salaries and benefits, also as reported by employees.

A section that has just been added and which is quite interesting is the layoff counter, as it will let you keep track of layoffs by way of user-generated lists. Coupled with the abovementioned sections, it can give you a good appreciation of any given company and the way it operates.

Note that right now an “Employees’ Choice Awards” voting process is underway, and you can submit a review until the 11th of January in order to rate your employer. This process is anonymous, so that if you feel like putting forwards your insight and let others have a better understanding of what it’s like at your company, and realize the positive and negative aspects at play, you can do so through this site. In Their Own Words

“JobeeHive is a unique web 2.0 community platform that brings professional networking services together with career information on companies and industries.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It provides every person who is looking for new career opportunities with the means for taking the right decisions.

Some Questions About

Are countries from all over the globe taken into consideration?

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