JKPassword.com – Keep Passwords Safe on Your iPhone

JKPassword.comAre you looking for Iphone applications? Would you like to Jailbreak your cellphone?Jkpassword.com offers Iphone applications as well as encryption software to change settings and applications on your Iphone.

If you are interested in this innovative software feel free to stop by Jkpassword.com.

On this website you will find a vast collection of Iphone applications you can use to customize your Iphone settings. You will find useful codes to unlock any type of cellphone that uses Iphone software and more. On Jkpassword.com you can download Iphone software and different Iphone features for free.

If you are looking for software to unlock your Iphone operating system, this site offers you secure ways to unlock your Iphone and use it in any country. Besides, you can customize your GPS application, and back up all the files in your cellphone. Jkpassword is the site you should stop by in case you are looking for Iphone applications and encryption software.

JKPassword.com In Their Own Words

“JkPassword was made from a desire to replace previous smart-phone (Treo) functionality for the iPhone. One of the main purposes we used the Treo for was password and information storage. However, since iPhone doesn’t currently allow for 3rd party applications we had to figure out a way to make it work as a webpage but act like an iPhone application.

By implementing the encryption on the iPhone in Javascript and then only sending the encrypted versions we were able to make a solution that is not only more secure but “backed” up at the same time.”

Why JKPassword.com It Might Be A Killer

JkPassword is a handy tool—these days we have so many passwords and log-ins it’s nearly impossible to remember them all. With JKpassword, you’ll have all your info right on your iPhone. Simple and easy.

Some Questions About JKPassword.com

Will there be a desktop version of this any time soon? What happens if you forget your password for the site? How much is the monthly fee exactly? JKPassword.com