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Jizbee.comJizbee is yet another “Deal of the Day” website. That is, it is an online resource in which a new item is uploaded and goes on sale for 24 hours.


Once that period of time has elapsed the item will be taken off and replaced by a new one. Systems like this obviously work best for loyal visitors, since only those who actively frequent the site will be capable of not passing on any truly potential bargain.

In addition to displaying a big picture of the item and its current price the main page lists what condition the item is in, and it details how much S & H would amount to. Moreover, a rich description is provided for you to ponder on it. And if you feel like asking anything yourself you can use the “Discuss This Item” link in order to learn more about the general take on that specific product.

Other than that, note that offers can be shared with friends on the spot through the “Email your friends” button. That is not something radical, but it is nice to see such an option has been kept in mind and included by default. In Their Own Words

“Home to the hottest daily deal site on the web.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Sites like this one have proven to be popular ever since they first surfaced. In this particular case, an effort is made to always sell items for less than 25% off other retailers.

Some Questions About

If you miss an item, what are the chances of it being listed again?

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