Jixperts.com – Virtual Celebrity Experts

Jixperts.comJixperts allows users to interact with experts, called Jixperts, and discuss politicians, celebrities, and fictional characters to learn more information about these famous people. Users write messages to the experts, exchanging knowledge and dialogue on various questions they have.

Users may make their own initial comments, as well as review previously asked questions and their respective answers. Site users also have the option to create a new Jixpert so that they may offer their own information. Furthermore, users may further participate in the site by sharing the link and embedding it into other websites and social networking profiles.

Jixperts.com In Their Own Words

Own Words:

“Have you ever felt like talking to your favourite character from some movie or cartoon? To a politician, philosopher, or some other famous person? The mission of our project is to allow you to freely and enjoyably communicate with the characters you like. Jixperts.com allows you to not only talk to existing experts, but also to create new ones and teach them by simply asking and answering questions! Passing Turing test? Easy! Characters are taught by real people asking and answering questions!”

Why Jixperts.com It Might Be A Killer

The concept behind Jixperts is innovative. It takes simply researching information on people to another level by allowing the site visitors to interact with them by consulting experts. However, the site is difficult to understand and navigate, particularly for first-time users. To succeed, the website should be more developed and advanced.

Some Questions About Jixperts.com

How may the interface be improved to be more attractive to users? What steps can be taken to simplify and further explain the website? What can be added to the website to further link users? Jixperts.com