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Jive.lyPresented by its programmer as “a social tool that lets you share and tag what you experience”, this new platform will let you share news and events by way of updates that you can send from your PC or mobile phone. These updates are converted and displayed in your feed, as well as in the feed of the ones that follow you.


A nice feature is that Twitter itself is supported. In practice, that means that you won’t have to post anything twice. This is actually a very spot-on approach – think about it, people might be reluctant to jump from one system to the other, but they won’t be that adverse to give it a try if they already have some common ground to proceed from.

A praiseworthy aspect of Jively is the way it handles videos, as any link that you send to your friends will actually be converted into embedded content that will show up in your feed.

Finally, note that groups of words can become channels by way of hashtags, and that makes for even easier sharing and more immediate reference.

An interesting initiative to say the least. Let’s see if it resonates with the tech crowd and the average Joe that tweets regularly. In Their Own Words

“Jively is a social media platform to share news, events and the world around you. With Jively, you can send in your updates from your mobile phone, PDA or PC – simply by sending an email to your secret email address. You can attach images and videos to your email and they will autmatically be converted and displayed in your feed and the feed of those that follow you.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Micro-sharing is big news. So are new platforms that are devoted to it, and this one comes with a nice set of functionalities that give it something of a fighting chance.

Some Questions About

Can it really stand its ground against a giant that breaks records in terms of growth every month?

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