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Jigzone.comPuzzles are remarkable because they are a form of entertainment that has truly stood the test of time, and that has retained its power to hold enthralled both the young and the old.

This site proves it. Jigzone.com will keep both the little ones and those who are no spring chicken glued to their computers. The site collects together puzzles of varying difficulty and themes, and all of them can be played for free.

Some of the themes that users of Jigzone.com can choose from include animals, flowers, ocean life, vehicles… anything that a person could be passionate about is basically featured, and enough skill levels are included in each and every case to ensure fathers and sons will have a splendid excuse to sit down together and spend an hour or two trying to work things out as a team.

Besides, you can choose the difficulty by selecting the number of pieces in each puzzle, so that once you solve it successfully, you can try doing it again but with an increased number of parts to put together. You can play with the same pictures divided into six easy parts or more than two hundred.

If you have a webpage or personal blog and would like to include some of the puzzles at Jigzone.com, you can do it by copying and pasting the different embedding codes provided in the webpage. Each screen in which you start to do a puzzle of your choiceg will give you the average time in which it was solved, and the best time achieved by the quickest user. Isn’t it tempting to try and break some records? Just go ahead if you feel it is.

A new puzzle is featured on Jigzone each day. And note that you can also upload your very own images and have that turned into a puzzle. There is hardly going to be a shortage of things to do on this site.

Jigzone.com In Their Own Words

Choose your puzzle from the huge collection of stunning images in the Gallery.

Why Jigzone.com It Might Be A Killer

The site offers enough puzzles to go around for months on end, and the fact that users of Jigzone can create their very own puzzles from their pictures turn it all into an endless source of entertainment.

Some Questions About Jigzone.com

What makes this website really different from every other Internet puzzle games site? How are they planning to compete with so many other websites offering very similar services? Jigzone.com