JetRyte Puts Jet Lag In The Only Time Zone Where It Belongs – The Past

Nothing beats travel – a break from home and ordinary routines, contact with different cultures, senses refreshed by new foods and scenery, headache, nausea, heartburn, swollen legs, insomnia, back pain… Wait. What?


Travel is wonderful, until the symptoms of jet lag kick in. Then, what’s supposed to be an exciting journey turns quickly into a nightmare battle against illness and fatigue. Changing time zones and, in particular, dehydration wreak havoc on the body.


JetRyte to the rescue.





JetRyte is a bicarbonate effervescent tablet that helps air travelers leave jet lag at the check-in by replenishing the body with nutrients typically lost during flight. Drop the tablet in water, and you’re good to go.


Besides serving as a pleasant, effervescent citrus drink, JetRyte gives travelers a dose of things like sodium, potassium, vitamins B6, B12 and C, magnesium and melatonin. Along with other vitamins, minerals, and herbs, these ingredients have a number of beneficial effects – they aid digestion, promote circulation and relaxation, and give the immune system a boost.


Essentially, by taking JetRyte, you get to travel as the normal healthy you instead of as a cramped, constipated, exhausted, achy, thirsty, weakened shell of yourself. Thank you very much.


JetRyte contains no artificial flavors, colors, or additional sugar, which means that it doesn’t give you a false sense of well being, or worse, contribute to a later crash. Unlike powders or pills, JetRyte dissolves in two minutes or less. Its bicarbonate effervescent nature allows it to dissolve completely and for the body to absorb its contents entirely, without producing any stomach acids.






So, it’s easy to take, gentle on the stomach, and gets to work fast by spreading through the bloodstream quickly. A team of expert chemists and physicians collaborated on the development of JetRyte so that it delivers the electrolytes and nutrients that counter the symptoms of jet lag effectively.


Already you can find JetRyte in over 400 airport stores, online at Amazon, and distributed by a variety of companies like GNC. You can also buy packets directly on, single packs (with a free set of earplugs!) going for $6.99.


Pillar Rock USA Corporation (PRUSA), the stars behind JetRyte, specialize in tablets that dissolve in water. They’ve developed 11 product concepts so far, including ReVyte – meant to help revitalize after a short night sleep without a sugar boost (perhaps soon to be celebrated as the New-parent SalvationVyte?)


If you wish you’d come up with PRUSA’s jet lag relief yourself… well, it’s too late for that, but you can still join their push to put JetRyte on shelves everywhere. They’re currently looking for backers on Fundable to help expand distribution by adding to their sales and marketing teams and by growing their inventory.


Imagine flying without a horrible dry mouth, unable to sleep… Imagine how much less anxiety you’d feel knowing you could travel without experiencing jet lag. Don’t imagine, make it happen. Now, if only there was a tablet to stop flight delays…


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