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JetPac.tvJETPAC is the latest in online video management software. We know the power of videos online.


Witness the rise of YouTube and the viral video. Everyone is getting into video, but it’s not always easy navigating the technical details of getting your product on the web. JETPAC wants to make it easy JETPAC’s video delivery platform does everything for you. It comes with its own video player It’ll handle the uploading and conversion process, as well as serving the video out, management, delivery, and marketing. You’ll be able to track your videos, share them, and give your users the ability to share them. Get started with a JETPAC account. In Their Own Words

“The JETPAC video platform allows for HD quality, large screen dimensions, and massive file size upload. All delivered on a proprietary worldwide Content Delivery Network to ensure your content reaches your users”

Why It Might Be A Killer

JETPAC is a full service video delivery platform which makes getting your videos online easy. They’ll do it all for you so you don’t have to worry about conversion and uploading or management.

Some Questions About

Can JETPAC compete with the likes of YouTube? How will it attract clients? Will users be satisfied with the platform provided?

Author : Bruce Turner

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