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Jeteye.comJeteye allows you to put together information about one topic and share this knowledge with the rest of the world. Essentially, think of it as a way of storing your searches in special bookmarks ala squidoo or del. Jeteye is most appealing to educators and internet researchers, who want to be able to save, browse and share their internet library. Getting started is simple and just requires that you install the Jeteye sidebar to be able to create your bookmarks by simply cutting and pasting. If you are interested in looking at what other people have researched, there is a simple search bar that enables you enter a key word search and look at other peoples internet library. In Their Own Words

“Jeteye is the “better bookmarking” tool for all Internet users — especially educators, guides and Internet researchers (teachers, students, designers, knowledge workers) — who need to easily save, browse and share their Internet library.
Install the Jeteye “sidebar” for Firefox or Internet Explorer and create your own super powered bookmarks (Jetpaks) with drag & drop ease.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

For those who spend a lot of time researching online and who want to be able to sort their searches, this might become their tool of choice.

Some Questions About

This site will only be successful if they can convince people to use it instead of the competition. There are other sites out there that will actually share revenue you with you for sharing your bookmarks so why would anyone choose a service that doesn’t pay them?

Author : Caroline Bright

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