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In a nutshell, JetBill is a company which provides credit card processing services to Internet merchants, so that they can sell their products online both fast and securely. Basically, merchants who sign up for the service let all the customers who are registered users of JetBill buy goods from them, in a way that’s completely transparent and safe. As a customer of you can access all your shopping history at once, and see which transactions have already been fulfilled, and which are still to be completed. And whenever you receive your credit card statements at the end of the month, you’ll be able to check all the charges featured there with the charges listed on your JetBill account. If there’s anything that shouldn’t be there, you’ll get to know as much right away. And contact so that the company can set things to right.


Signing up for a JetBill account is very easy, with you having to fill a short form and link your credit card to your newly-created account. If you ever lose your password, you can swiftly recover it here. And if for any reason or the other you want to cancel your membership, then this is the link you should follow.

And is available in lots of languages, too. English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese… just pick the one that applies at the bottom of the homepage. The site comes with all the same functionalities and options in each and every case.

Author : Bill Webb

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