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Jesters The Card Game reimagines traditional rummy games for a fun new option

Spending time inside has become the norm, and we’ve all had to get a little creative when it comes to keeping ourselves entertained. We’ve binged watched all the new shows. We’ve spent time in the kitchen testing trending recipes. We’ve relied on books, podcasts, Zoom calls and walks around the neighborhood to keep us from going stir crazy. Still, there are only so many times you can do these things before they get a little old. It’s time for something new – how about a game?


Jesters The Card Game is a fast-paced card game and a reinvention of the rummy games you may have played growing up. The deck is a double deck of playing cards with four jesters, which are used liked wild cards. Players can play a jester card in place of the card they need and take other actions to help them win the round. Jester cards can also be stolen by other players.

The game is made up of four rounds, and each round has its own rules. Each round is also more challenging than the previous round. Players aim to be the first in each round to get rid of all their cards, and players with cards in their hands at the end of the round score points. After all four rounds, whoever has the lowest score wins.

Jesters is a game of strategy and chance designed for two to five people, but can accommodate six to eight people with the addition of a second deck of cards.


Gameplay: Jesters is a reinvention of rummy games, which traditionally require players to match cards based on rank or suit. Players play through four rounds while trying to be the first to get rid of their cards each round. The player with the fewest points at the end of the game wins.

Jester cards: Jesters act like wild cards and can be substituted for a card the player needs. Jesters also allow players to take other actions to increase their chances of winning the round.

Materials and packaging: The playing cards and the box they come in are made from durable paper stock. The game also comes with instructions.

Jesters is the second game created by DeAnn ODonovan, who works as a finance executive during the day and a card game creator in her free time. Her first game, Quarantine The Card Game, launched in the fall of 2020 and became a bestselling game within a matter of weeks. DeAnn has previously raised over $35 million through crowdfunding and has successfully built and scaled multiple companies.

If a new card game that combines strategy and chance sounds like a fun option for you and your friends or family, you might like to try Jesters The Card Game. The game is currently fundraising on Kickstarter, but you can receive a first edition Jesters deck with a pledge of $20 or more, estimated to be delivered in June of this year. Pledges of larger amounts also include a signed collectors deck, a custom jester card, a Zoom call with DeAnn and more. Learn more about the game and the Kickstarter campaign here.


Author : Lynsie Dickerson

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