Jeff Dachis is Enhancing Your Startup’s Social Performance

When Razorfish royalty like Jeff Dachis talks about social business integration, people listen. And, if you’re an entrepreneur and startup, you’ll especially want to perk up.



Jeff knows his stuff in the world of social media. So, it’s no wonder he started Dachis Group, a social media consultancy that serves 30,000 brands including:


  • AT&T
  • Disney
  • HP
  • Nokia
  • Target


Not a shabby list of clients, eh?


How, then did Jeff become such an authority on the business of social media and what expert advice does he have for us socially inept startups?


Let’s go “fishing” for some answers.



Not-so-Small Fish in the BIG Digital Marketing Pond

 In 1995, when Facebook was nearly ten years away from conception and social media had yet to become a household term, Jeff Dachis, along with Craig Kanarick founded the world’s leading global digital professional services consultancy. This is where our man Jeff dived headfirst into an unknown digital pond (as it were back then).



The little marketing mackerel is called Razorfish. Heard of it? Thought you did. Let’s check out the staggering stats:


  • Services Fortune 100 Clients
  • 2100 employees, offices in 15 cities, 9 countries
  • Revenue over $250M in 5 years
  • $55M IPO


And, when Microsoft recently acquired Razorfish as part of Aquantive (AQNT) for $ 6 Billion in cash (that’s right, I said cash), the King of the digital marketing sea was crowned.

New Kingdom, New Throne

Jeff left Razorfish in 2001— You might say he had bigger fish to fry. (Sorry, had to be done).



We now find Jeff reining over The Dachis Group Kingdom as founder, CEO, and social business visionary, and bestowing his royal wisdom upon us mere mortals (Sorry again, too much Game of Thrones I think).


Vanity is Vulgar

 Jeff thinks one of the biggest social mistakes a bootstrapped startup can make is focusing on “vanity metrics”, i.e. trying to buy “likes” and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Instead, Jeff encourages startups to focus on a more engaging connection with their market, and one that the Dachis Group prides itself on.


Make Social Your Business

Startups, according to Jeff, should see social not just in media terms but also in business terms. In other words, integrating social into all aspects of your business (funnel insights, marshal employee brand advocates) is key. This will maximize the effectiveness of social media on your company.


Choose a Manager Wisely

Having 700 “close” friends on Facebook does not make someone a qualified social media manager. Jeff believes that’s like saying, “I read a lot of magazines so I’m qualified to be an editor.” The right social media manager, according to Jeff will:


  1. Genuinely value the voice OF the public
  2. Be the voice of the brand TO the public
  3. Be Present
  4. Understand data
  5. Be a brand planner
  6. Be a content expert


And, most importantly, Jeff says a rock star social media manager will have an understanding of running a brand in a world in which:


“…Every rule of communication from the past 3,000 years is being re-written in real time.”



Thank you, Jeff Dachis, King of the Digital Marketing/Social Business Consultancy world.  We vow to socially integrate, to hire a qualified manager and never, ever be vain, though the last one might be difficult… my startup has some pretty impressive “likes.”


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