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JammerDirect.comJammer Direct is a social site for artists. Period.

It doesn’t matter the field of creativity or talent, this new resource makes room for everybody. Musicians, filmmakers, actors, visual artists, painters, dancers… all these can create an account on the site, and communicate directly with their punters, and also with their loved ones if they are touring any foreign territory in support of their latest work.

Also, the site is open to labels, agents, venues and vendors. The idea is to make things easier for everybody, and strengthen the creative scene around the world by giving artists a true spot for centralized interactions.

Signing up and creating your own personalized account is entirely free. And if you do it, you (like everybody else) will become eligible for the “Jammer of the Month” distinction. That is an honor that is bestowed on one user of the site each month, and the one who gets picked will have a true chance of gaining new fans and punters by being listed on the homepage for all to see and learn more about. In Their Own Words

“Jammer Direct is a Social Gateway for the artist and their family, friends & fans, no matter their field of creativity or talent. JD is designed to be an artistic resource & showcase for musicians, film makers, visual artists, sculptors, painters, actors and dancers plus related labels, agents, venues and vendors. Our goal is to unite all of our members’ creative forces in hopes that it will strengthen the creative scene around the world.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Anything that facilitates the creation and promotion of art is invaluable in itself.

Some Questions About

What gives this a true edge over other networking sites for musicians?

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