JamLegend.com – A New Way To Play Music Online

JamLegend.comCan you be named a Guitar Hero adept? Should that be the case this new platform will keep you rocking your nights away. Its tagline is “Music gaming unleashed”, and that is the exact truth of it, as it lets you noodle along using the WWW.

You can play tournaments and challenge your friends for one-on-one duels. You can challenge them through e-mail and IM. Social networks will also be taken into account sometime down the line.

As it is only fit for a resource which is based on competition and progress, the top users are individualized in the section that is named “The Jam Legends”. You can also see the most active users by day, week, or ever since the site went live, and figure out how much you will have to keep on climbing to reach the top of the pecking order.

On the other hand, artists can use this platform to promote their music. A link is provided for applying more or less instantly. Besides providing the obvious contact information, the one other requisite is supplying a link to a sample of any original composition.

JamLegend.com In Their Own Words

“Like the games Guitar Hero1 and Rock Band2, JamLegend simulates the thrill of rocking out for a sold out crowd while enabling features never before available in console games.

Whether you’re students wanting a jam session after your cram session, a music aficionado interested in discovering new music, or just bored – JamLegend is the place for you! “

Why JamLegend.com It Might Be A Killer

If filling stadiums and playing while standing back to back with a singer is your one aspiration, this will be an excellent warm up exercise.

Some Questions About JamLegend.com

What are the prizes of the featured tournaments? JamLegend.com