JamGate.com – Create Your Online Music Store


JamGate.comHow will you be discovered? Whether you’re an aspiring musician, a veteran artist, or working at a label, you need one important tool for success: exposure. JamGate is a tool that allows you, the musician or the person distributing that music the opportunity to get heard and sell digitally.

JamGate wants to cut out the middleman, so many websites for musicians take a cut of the profit when songs and merch are purchased over the web, instead JamGate is offering their service for a monthly rate just shy of $20 bucks. JamGate helps you find an audience, maintain a fan base and take full advantage of the profit YOU earned.

JamGate.com In Their Own Words

“You’re making music you can’t wait for people to hear. But how do you find your audience?

JamGate lets you create an online store that brings your music to a global audience. You can link your store to your website or MySpace page, or have the store hosted under your own web domain. You can even market yourself. Now you’ll have an answer to the eternally nagging question; “how will people discover me?”

You’re a veteran artist, you’ve seen the ins and outs of the industry, and you’ve got the scars to show for it. You’ve got a loyal following, and they want to pay YOU –not an aggregator – for your music.

Now you can reach your fans directly and control your own finances – and give people who love your music the chance to support you, the artist.

You run a successful label with a great catalog of artists. But the music distribution landscape is changing…CD sales are shrinking, online sales growing. What do you do? Maybe you’ve already entered the digital market through a partner (with new rules)…but you wonder, isn’t the Internet supposed to mean FEWER middlemen?”

Why JamGate.com It Might Be A Killer

JamGate certainly has a great idea: promoting your music with fewer middlemen, though their execution was a little less inspiring. It certainly beats Myspace in terms of removing the steps involved in selling songs and merch, though they don’t have the capacity to reach a wide fan base like myspace and purevolume does. Otherwise, their interface is looking clean, if they can come out with some tools like widgets and promotion tools, this site could be very useful in this field.

Some Questions About JamGate.com

Will they add more promotional tools, such as widgets you can place in websites, blogs, social networking websites? JamGate.com