Jambok.com – A Platform For Informal Learning

Jambok.comIt is often said that most on-the-job learning is informal. That is, you learn the ropes as you go.

No manual can truly show you the things you will see and experience on a daily basis, and how you should react to them.

This new collaboration platform is based on that belief, and it enables the members of any company to collaborate informally among themselves. This is achieved by the creation of something comparable to a kind of wiki to whom everybody can contribute.

Coworkers can share videos, PowerPoint presentations, screen captures and text documents of every kind. And these can be commented and shared by their mates.

It is important to mention that this interexchange of information takes place in a secure setting – after all, we are talking about the sharing and discussion of content that is tied to a company. The information that is posted and swapped has the same enterprise-level security of your company on the whole.

In this way, peer-to-peer learning becomes possible in organizations of every kind, and in a way that does not compromise the security of the company in question.

Jambok.com In Their Own Words

“Jambok is an informal learning solution for the enterprise that allows anyone in the organization to create, store, and share knowledge. With Jambok’s advanced security features, you select who sees what content, enabling collaboration both inside and outside the organization.”

Why Jambok.com It Might Be A Killer

Informal learning weighs as much as the information that is included on the actual manuals of any company. This site makes for interexchanging that knowledge with more fluidity.

Some Questions About Jambok.com

What else can be shared using Jambok? Jambok.com