JackSawJane.com – Does Your Crush Feel The Same Way?

JackSawJane.comHave you been eyeing a guy at the gym, but you don’t have the courage to approach him in person? Well maybe he has been eyeing you as well, there’s only one way to find out for sure, besides actually going up to him, and that’s by visiting JackSawJane.com.

At JackSawJane.com you can anonymously post your crushes on the site and see maybe that person is also posting about you. Register and then complete a detailed post on where, when and how often you see your crush. You fill out other detailed information such as, his physical details, what he wears what he is usually doing when you see him, the more detailed you can be the better your chances are of finding a match. A match is when your post matches someone else’s. If there is a match you receive a notification and you can find out if it is a mutual connection. JackSawJane is a fun way to see if you can find that person you had a crush on. So don’t waste time go to JackSawJane.com and see if you can make a connection.

JackSawJane.com In Their Own Words

“• think of someone you’re interested in. This may be someone you know, or perhaps a total stranger.
• Privately post for them by choosing a category to the right that best describes that person.
• Find out if it’s mutual. If someone posted information similar to your post, we’ll notify you of a match.”

Why JackSawJane.com It Might Be A Killer

JackSawJane has an eye catching interface and is easy to navigate. The detailed questions give users a better opportunity at fining a true match. The mobile features of the site are also convenient, you can receive updates while you are out and you can see the profile of potential matches from your mobile.

Some Questions About JackSawJane.com

JackSawJane.com has a great idea of matching people by having them fill out detailed information, the only problem is that there is probably a very slight chance that your crush will actually post. The site covers all of the United States and Canada, that’s a lot of people and until the site becomes incredible popular I am not sure it will be that successful. Have people become so shy that they will really go through all this trouble when they can just approach someone and find out within 2 minutes if the other party is interested? JackSawJane.com