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IzyMail.comIzyMail brings your webmail, be it Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN or any other mail application. iPhone users can use IzyMail to read their Hotmail messages; Hotmail will integrate into iPhone’s native email client.


Gmail users can use IzyMail to receive mail from other accounts such as Yahoo or AOL. Users can download and synchronize messages to the device of their choice. They can read their webmail on their PDAs or Smartphones. IzyMail can be used to apply customized spam filters and it can be used to access custom folders regardless of the connection. In short, IzyMail gives you access to all your email accounts. No installation is needed to use IzyMail. IzyMail will automatically fetch messages from all your email accounts. In Their Own Words

“IzyMail enables you to access webmail from major providers such as AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, Windows Live, Fastmail or Gmail with any eMail application.

Whether you want to use Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Evolution, iPhone, Palm PDA, Pocket PC, Smartphone or other applications, whether you want to automate eMail processing with rules or use advanced anti-virus or spam protection, IzyMail provides the technology you need.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

IzyMail makes it easy for users to manage all their email accounts. Rather than having to check multiple accounts, users can simply have all messages brought in by Izy to be read on a mobile device or from one single email account.

Some Questions About

What’s the business model for this? How will it be marketed?

Author : Siri Marshall

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