iYomu.com The Social Network for Adults

iYomu.com The Social Network for AdultsSocial networking site iYomu caters strictly to the adult crowd. The site offers all its members 1GB of free online storage for photos, videos, music, etc.

, a free email account, and access to connection tools to meet and find new people. In order to facilitate felicitous meetings and relationships, iYomu has something dubbed iYDNA. Essentially a comparison chart, this profiling tool lets you quickly assess how well you’d mesh with others, by defining how you see yourself and how others see you.
iYLocate is a people finder tool which lets users find others with similar interests in their area. The iYCommunity is a platform for seeing connections amongst iYomu members and their interests. Another rather interesting iYomu feature is the Perfect Workspace. Think of it as a grown up Habbo Hotel room. Members can design and style their ideal workspace using iYomu’s building tools. If you’re not interested in work spaces, the site’s million dollar contest may capture your attention. The contest is based on points which are earned by puzzles, referrals and profile completion.

iYomu.com The Social Network for Adults In Their Own Words

“iYomu is a social networking site for grown-ups. It provides an original way to present yourself so you make better matches with people for sharing interests, doing business or just living.
iYomu offers many useful tools to help you find, communicate and share with the people you are looking for. It’s easy, fun and you’re always in control.”

Why iYomu.com The Social Network for Adults It Might Be A Killer

iYomu has all the necessary networking tools to help people get together. It’s pretty streamline, and the package as a whole is simple and straightforward.

Some Questions About iYomu.com The Social Network for Adults

What really sets iYomu apart from the rest? Is it too much like every other social network? Will users be interested in joining? iYomu.com The Social Network for Adults