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IWorkedOn.comDo you ever feel that your contribution to any project has gone unheeded? That is something as commonplace as it is unfortunate, and we all have learned to live with that by this point if only because there was no easy way to make ourselves be heard, much less be noticed. That is why a site like I Worked On is intrinsically attractive – it will let anybody gain the recognition he deserves.

Nothing more, and nothing less.

The site could be defined as a database of projects and the people who have worked on them. It goes without saying that this database is actually a global one, and people from all over the world are already included. The database can actually be browsed in four different ways, since you can look any person up not only by clicking on the tabs named “Projects” and “Members” but also in the ones titled “Roles” and “Skills”.

Alternatively, if the project you have worked on is not featured you can have it added easily. You just have to create an account in order to do so. That comes at no cost, and once you are done you will be able to join this global network of professional recognition.

IWorkedOn.com In Their Own Words

“At its core, the world’s economy is fueled by human capital — the innumerable army of workers who toil day and night to essentially make the world go round. It’s time for those workers to be noticed and applauded for the work they’ve done.

IWorkedOn.com is a bold effort aimed at compiling the most comprehensive database of projects and the people who contributed to them worldwide.”

Why IWorkedOn.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a very suitable way to get the credit that you deserve for your efforts.

Some Questions About IWorkedOn.com

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