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iWingle.comIt is too easy to lose track of who we are on the Social Web, for a number of reasons. Sites like Facebook and Twitter blur the lines between who we know and who are mere acquaintances in an irrevocable way.


The concept of “friendship” has been modified to no end. And there is also this whole situation of signing up for services that we either use very seldom or never ever use again, effectively dividing our online persona more than it is necessary and manageable.

That is what solutions like iWingle aim to address. In principle, the site will let you manage your online social presence by having your different social networks brought under the same umbrella. This means that you won’t ever bypass activity that happens in one network and not the other. You will also be empowered to search people over all of the Social Web at once, instead of having to execute individual searches.

A service such as iWingle is more than appealing at a time like this – a time in which many services are aiming to steal Facebook’s thunder. While it is impossible to think that Facebook will be deserted massively, the fact remains it won’t be the sole network for a lot of people. And a site like this one might just act as the bond that unites everything in due time. In Their Own Words

“Manage your online presence,”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a service can prevent the Social Web from becoming too fragmented to handle.

Some Questions About

What gives this an edge over related sites?

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