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IWatchThis.comIf you want everyone to know what you watch, or if you just like to keep tabs on all the videos you’ve watched and liked you might want to give IWatchthis a try. It’s a relatively simple app which lets you create a feed of the things you watch on the web.


Once you’ve registered and got a IWatchThis account you’ll need to send up the bookmarklet using some drag and drop action. It’s dead simple after that. As you find videos you want to add to your feed, simply click on the bookmarklet. You can edit the title or just keep surfing and adding. All your videos will be available every time you long in. The site also works with OpenID. In Their Own Words

“Create a feed of the stuff you watch on the net. Just like arne & marcus did!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a good way to find and store videos as you browse the net. Instead of having to go to a video site and do a search or access your personal folder, with IWatchThis, all your favorite videos are centralized in one place. It simplifies life.

Some Questions About

Is there any way to sort videos? More social options? Is this really something people would use? Most social networking sites and social media sites already offer ways to save and display videos.

Author : Siri Marshall

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