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IvyLees.comIf you deem yourself as a bit of a reporter, this new online resource is going to have you overjoyed. In principle, it will let you put forth news releases via a free platform that creates something comparable to an online News Room.


Any person who chances upon your News Room can also see your profile, and if he likes what he has seen he will be able to follow you on the spot. That is where the social element comes into play. Moreover, a story can be voted upon when it has been submitted, and comments can likewise be added. For its part, you will be able to sort your contacts in the way services such as Facebook et al often allow users to.

Ultimately, IvyLess stands as a platform that will be of great aid to journalists and bloggers, along with those who have to take care of PR duties. Here, they can connect with each other effectively. “Social, simple, smart” is the philosophy driving this project all along. Check it out and see whether that philosophy is translated into its execution or not for yourself. In Their Own Words

“Simple. Social. Smart. Publish your news releases online in a social media newsroom with our smart, web-based software. The best part? It’s free. We want to make it easier for journalists, bloggers and PR people to connect. We felt one of the biggest places they did that was in the online newsroom. So our first step was easy: Make it so PR people can easily create a newsroom where they can connect with journalists, and vice versa.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Any person who has something to communicate will be able to do so with flair through such a system.

Some Questions About

What social features are not accounted for yet, and should be taken into consideration as soon as possible?

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