iUsem.com – Share What You Use With Your Friends

iUsem.comThere is nothing like word of mouth. Well, that is the impression one is left with after browsing through the countless sites that let the user see what others are saying about any given product or service.

And iUsem is a new addition to this already thriving family.

In essence, it is a system whereby you will be able to find out what your peers and neighbors are using, and make up your mind in that way. That is, upon joining the site and creating an account you can start building up a list of these things that you use, and as you start adding friends you will be able to make comparisons.

Sites like this one base their approach on something that can never fail from a psychological point of view: trust on your close acquaintances. Of course, a “close acquaintance” on the WWW is not the same as one in the physical world, but I am sure you get the idea. The site will let you get the scoop on what is useful and new, and get it from the ones that you have somehow bonded with online. You can login via Facebook connect and give it a try right now to determine if such an approach is what you have been looking for, or of you will prefer to keep on relying on your usual vendor.

iUsem.com In Their Own Words

“The easy way to find out who your friends and neighbors use.”

Why iUsem.com It Might Be A Killer

Asking people you know and trust has always been the preferred method when looking for something. This website makes that possible online.

Some Questions About iUsem.com

How are the opinions structured and presented? Are ratings provided? iUsem.com