5 Minutes With Iubenda Could Save Your Company Huge Legal Fees

How many of us have ever read a privacy policy and actually understood the terms? Lawyers and judges, your answers don’t count. The average internet user agrees to many terms of service, privacy policies, without fully knowing what he or she is agreeing to. And businesses without a policy…


Yeah, privacy policies receive either too much or not enough attention. They’re impossible to read, necessary but often overlooked. Basically, they’re a menace for everyone.


Iubenda helps web businesses create a working privacy policy in under five minutes. They avoid the problem of inscrutability by providing one page that the general population can understand easily and another that covers legal technicalities that businesses need to protect themselves. Win, win.


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It’s like a DIY solution, without doing the work on your own or the risks of trying to cut and paste together legal terms. Iubenda guides businesses through crafting a privacy policy that fits each business model and allows for seamlessly integrating the policy without requiring coding or legal expertise. The service works for websites and mobile apps, covering the management of cookie banners, cookie policies, and user consent.


Data security is a huge issue. People want to know that their information is safe and not being misused. Without a privacy policy, web businesses likely lose traffic because customers will fear for their privacy. And, of course, businesses leave themselves exposed to fines for not complying with regulations – and all sorts of legal troubles that can ruin the unprepared.


Iubenda provides basic privacy policies free of charge. They also offer pro licensing and multiple licensing solutions. Have a closer look here to select the privacy policy and cookie solutions that best fit your company’s needs. Regardless of what plan you choose, the simple process and low costs make Iubenda an easy choice for implementing a privacy policy.


Cloud hosting means that the Iubenda team can handle updating policies without any extra effort on your part. Easy to create, a breeze to maintain, designed to blend with your site and aid your visitors – there’s every good reason to protect your business with a privacy policy by Iubenda.


Over half a million companies have already generated a privacy policy using Iubenda. Get started creating yours at iubenda.com.


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