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iTunesControl.comiTunesControl adds more functionality to iTunes on Windows—because let’s face it, iTunes needs work. Basically, iTunesControl is a lightweight program which is designed specifically to tame the iTunes beast giving you extra features and more control.


It can be controlled using over 30 popular hotkeys. It’s got customizable visual feedback, sleep timer, and it uses very little incremental CPU. Besides that, iTunesControl displays track info and album art on track change, the window title iTunes can be changed to show current track info, and it can be used to automatically open and close iTunes. Information about each song is shown once it begins playing and it can be completely customized—from color and transparency to font and appearance time. The controls allow you to change track, adjust the volume, and pause without having to actually open up iTunes. It works with iTunes 4.6 and higher and runs on Windows XP and Vista. In Their Own Words

“iTunesControl is a free, light-weight program designed to add useful features to iTunes. It adds visual feedback on track changes, a sleep timer, over 30 customizable global hotkeys, and more.
iTunesControl works with iTunes 4.6 and above and runs on Windows XP and Windows Vista.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Many have complained about the clunkiness and slow response of iTunes. Apple has created some pretty slick and shiny products, but Itunes lacks in innovation. iTunesControl is just what people have been asking for. It turns iTunes into a pliable, compliant app. You, the user can set up displays and track information to be displayed when and how you like it. Definitely worth a look.

Some Questions About

How well does this actually work? Are there any plans to monetize this?

Author : Siri Marshall

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