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ItsMySale.comWe can define Its My Sale as a watching tool for Craiglist that serves many purposes, most notably an alert function that enables you to be the first to contact someone on Craigslist that is selling something that you have been actively looking for.

An account can be created for free through the main page of ItsMySale.

com. From that point onwards, you can start using the CraigsWatch tool to be notified by e-mail when someone posts an ad on Craigslist that matches the keywords that you have specified beforehand.

Seeing how popular Craiglist is, it is no too adventuresome to say that this inexpensive app will do well. After all, related applications such as the ones that do mostly the same when it comes to eBay also attract a lot of attention.

And while CraigWatch is a free tool, note that donations via PayPal are accepted. Consider doing so if you find it useful and want to show the ones responsible for it your appreciation and support. In Their Own Words

“At we provide you with a FREE Craigswatch tool website. What is CraigsWatch? Ever search on Craigslist and have to weed through hundreds of listings. Well you don’t have to anymore. Our CraigsWatch tool lets you create a Free account and set up a Watch. The watch will automatically email you anytime one of your keywords matches a new listing on a Craigslist post. Happy Searching!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an apt way to lean when an item you are keen on is listed within Craiglist.

Some Questions About

How many keywords can you supply at the same time?