It’s Time to Bring Back the Joy of Discovery

There are no boundaries to the wonder, mystery, and amazement that the world of science offers.

But unfortunately, this splendor exists at quite a distance from the average person.  It’s very difficult for those interested in learning more about science to even know where to begin, outside of a laboratory setting.  Furthermore, finding the equipment needed to conduct even base level experiments is a chore in its own right.

Sure, you could turn to a major national brand to equip your growing lab – but these companies are notorious for overcharging. This lofty expense is keeping eager minds stuck in neutral, and collectively holding us back from what’s possible scientifically.

Introducing Conduct Science: a scientific products company that’s reopening a world of discovery.  Our unique business model is fixing the industry by encouraging scientific passions rather than leaving them unfulfilled.

In contrast to the mega-brands, we promise to always deliver the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices.  We work only with the industry’s top manufacturers to ensure that you’ll always have the best tools possible at your disposal – no matter if you’re a seasoned experimenter or just getting started.

No salespeople, extra channels, overselling, or confusion – just an easy-to-use ecommerce platform.  This makes us a great place to turn not only for professionals but also average consumers – whether you’re exploring chemistry, physics, biology, or another discipline.

What’s more, as passionate scientists ourselves, the Conduct Science team is eager to help.  From help with one of our products to a general scientific inquiry, we’re just a phone call away.  Other features and benefits we’re proud to offer customers include:

  • Over 15 product categories to choose from between Specimen, Animal, and Human labs
  • Rich descriptions for all products available
  • A Resources section on our website with scientific tips and news
  • One-year warranties provided for most products

Conduct Science has come quite a long way since being founded by Shuhan He back in 2012.  Going forward, the company looks to expand its reach even further and reach new markets – while continuing a focus on pushing scientifically-driven, evidence-based policy around the world.

We invite you to visit to view their impressive array of products; you may also reach the Founder directly via email at [email protected].

Photos: Conduct Science