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ITop3.comITop3 is a website where you can vote on anything from Top 10 songs to Top 10 digital cameras. You can add 3 votes to as many subjects as you like.


This gives a Top 10 list which provides consumer information in the form of a Top 10 chart showing number of voters and drill down to comments, this is using a philosophy known as The Wisdom of Crowds, which states that enough people agree on something the chances are they are right, similar to Ask the Audience in Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. Users can also set-up their own Top 10 lists and see how many people vote and if their Top 3 choices match other peoples. These subjects and choices can also be discussed with other members through forums and email. In Their Own Words

“ITop3 is designed to consolidate votes from web users on hundreds of different subjects, which can be done just for fun or to get useful consumer information on a product. You can vote on anything, and if you can’t find a subject that covers your interest, you can create a Top 10 chart yourself and get other people to vote. You can also discus other people’s choices with them.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

On the web today you can never be sure about product advice you are being given. Blogs are set-up or paid for by suppliers, reviews can be biased by a single individual, and user’s comments can take a long time to read through. With iTop3 all this information is consolidated in a vote, if enough people vote on a subject for example Top 10 digital cameras for under $500. The chances are the Top 3 are the best 3. Users can then click next to those choices to get price comparisons from 100’s of different shops.

Some Questions About

How will it attract new users?


Author : Bill Webb

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