KillerStartups – Free XP and Vista Icons

Itookia.comIf you are looking to spruce up your Windows desktop with great-looking customized icons, then Itookia has free and pay icons just for you. Thumbnail tabs allow you to surf through “Freebies”, “Custom Icons” and an array of “Icon Sets.

The free sets of icons are pretty basic but the pay ones are varied and well designed. Starting at about $70 for a set of 12 icons, you can choose between a multimedia set, a marble set, a custom set, and a variety of other great looking icons. It’s also easy to request customized icons to suit your every need and the pricing for those is also provided directly on the page, making for an entirely transparent transaction. In Their Own Words

“Itookia team, the two of us are here to provide you with the itsy-bitsie, teenie weenie part of GUI desing called icons. If you’re in search of the perfect clickable icons for your interface, we’re at your service. If you’re just starting off, you can count on our freebies at any time.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The free area probably won’t blow anyone away since it is pretty basic but they could be successful especially in the sale of customized icons since their designs are professional looking and pleasing to the eye.

Some Questions About

Perhaps they could consider expanding the free section a bit and improving the overall quality of those icons to convince more people of the general quality of the site?

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