– Social Network Built on Opinion

ITOG.comITOG or Is That One Good, is a new social network in which connections are formed on the basis of opinion. So you have to start out by rating a tog which is anything that can be rated.

From there, ITOG will recommend other items for you to rate—movies, books, celebrities, food, restaurants, etc. Based on your ratings, you’ll be able to discover fellow toggers with similar tastes and interests. You can make lists of things you like, discuss topics, contribute reviews, participate in polls and join groups. Additionally, as with the majority of social networks out there, you’ll find picture galleries, profiles and comments. Registration is required, although you can rate and browse the site without signing up. In Their Own Words

“Rate some of the items to the right by clicking on the stars, and ITOG will use those ratings to instantly predict other things you’ll like. The more you rate, the more accurate the predictions will be.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The concept of the site is pretty sound—after all it’s easier to make new friends based on similar interests and preferences. Other social networks don’t make it as easy to meet new people—they’re mostly based on closed connections.

Some Questions About

This actually isn’t a new concept. ITOG hasn’t added anything really original or innovative to the idea. Besides that the interface could use work.