– Save Your Web Pages

Iterasi.comIterasi takes bookmarking pages to the next level. It actually allows you to save pages in their current state.

Go to the page you want, click the Notarize button and then the OK button and your dynamically generated page is stored for later viewing. To browse through your saved pages, you can log into Iterasi from anywhere to go to your account. While logged into your account, you can organize your pages, make notes, and share them with others. Finding old pages is easy with Iterasi’s search function. Although not available for download yet, Iterasi will come out in a BETA form in the near future. In Their Own Words

“Our first product, Iterasi, makes it simple for any Web user to save the dynamically generated pages that are increasingly becoming the bulk of today’s Web experience. With Iterasi, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, and database driven technologies, like PHP and ASP, can all be saved—in their current state—with the push of a button.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Iterasi is better than bookmarking since you don’t have to worry about changes being made to pages. It’s easy to use and could become an important resource for web based businesses.

Some Questions About

Why launch the site before the download is actually ready? Will Iterasi live up to its own hype?