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iSyndica.comThis is a site for those who create digital content of any kind, and who are looking into hitting every possible outlet for its distribution at once. In essence, this website will enable you to have it distributed and spread everywhere by merely uploading it once.


That is possible because you will have the content of your microstock portfolio distributed by iSyndica itself. This dispenses with having to deal with multiple agency uploads that are not only time consuming but also frustrating in the sense that you have to go over the same steps over and over again.

Such a service can be employed by artists and content creators such as video and audio producers along with photographers. Vector artists are also accounted for by this platform.

Ultimately, the knowledge that your media will have guaranteed distribution can but let you focus on what you do instead of how you will market it once it has been done. That is certainly liberating and encouraging – you know that your content is going to have an outlet at the end of the day, and that people will be capable of accessing it. That is the only thing that matters to a digital artist when the day comes to a close. In Their Own Words

“Upload once, sell everywhere – iSyndica the Web distributor.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Digital artists will relish having such an instant outreach and visibility.

Some Questions About

How are fees and royalties handled?

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