– Play Flash Games On Your iPad

iSwifter.netApple not supporting Flash effectively means that iPad owners are deprived of playing the vast majority of online games. And as far as Apple is concerned, that is never going to change. It is up to iSwifter to save the day, and let those who have an iPad have a chance to play such games.

Defined as a streaming service, what iSwifter does is to take Flash-based games and convert them into browser-friendly titles that iPads will be able to render in a smooth way. The way everything works, a client app takes care of connecting to the gaming servers in the cloud and downloading content live to the mobile.

In actuality, support for mobile devices other than the iPad is provided, as all the games that are optimized via iSwifter can be played on other mobile devices such as Android phones.

iSwifter is a free application. Just head to the iTunes store, have your own copy downloaded into your mobile and get ready to start playing all these games that you habitually play on your desktop. In Their Own Words

iSwifter – the only cloud-based Flash gaming streaming service for mobile devices! Feel empowered!

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is no other way for playing Flash games on your iPad that is as simple and direct as this one.

Some Questions About

Do all games run without a glitch? Or are there some titles that are known to have issues?