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IsWearing.comWould you say that you have a clearly-defined sense of fashion? If you think you do, or if you are not sure and you want to find out once and for all then this site is worth a try. It is one of these resources that let you upload photos of what you were wearing at a specific occasion (or what you plan on wearing for any upcoming event) and have your fashion rated by others.

People can give your look a vote of approval, and they can also leave a comment explaining why they approve what you are wearing. They can likewise make a suggestion or two for improving the way you look.

Besides, both Twitter and Facebook are already supported. This means that you can easily proceed to spread your images all over the Internet and have them weighed up by your already-existing circle of friends (instead of only a group of strangers). Both kind of opinions are instrumental when it comes to arriving at some sort of definitive conclusions, in the end – those who know you in real life know all about your personality, and which kind of clothes fit you best. And strangers are people who will speak their minds frankly. In Their Own Words

“Show off your fashion! See what others are wearing. Find where they bought it.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Fashionistas couldn’t ask for a more direct site when it comes to knowing how ahead of the curve they are.

Some Questions About

Are the contents that are left on the site curated in any sense?